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What is CREWTECH™Fabric?

We worked with textile experts (the same ones who engineer performance fabrics for some of the world's most famous sportswear brands... you know the ones!) to create a custom CrewTech blend that is:

  1. super soft + comfortable,
  2. offers 4-way stretch for mobility,
  3. moisture-wicking/anti-microbial/quick drying so you can get to work without worrying about sweat and,
  4. lightweight and easy to care for.

Stain resistant? You bet. The unique hydrophobic weave repels liquids so it's easier to keep clean but also easy to wash/dry. You can spot clean or just chuck into the washer to get rid of most stains (coffee and wine included!)

Made for those with the toughest jobs out there.

We know that aprons and work wear on the market already use denims, canvases and twills and we wanted to design something that would perform even better and this is it. A performance fabric that is made for the kitchen. Join our #UniformRevolution!