From Coast to Coast, It's a Uniform Revolution

Restaurants across the country are donning a new type of apron and joining Crew Apparel’s uniform revolution. Our innovative line of food service workwear goes beyond the classic white and black aprons. We work from the best textile mill in the world, developing the most innovative and premium fabrics, then handcraft them in Los Angeles. From our CrewTech chef jackets to our denim and canvas aprons, we would like to introduce you to a few of our biggest fans. 
Highland House of Highland, Michigan 
Executive chef Christopher Burke of the Highland House cooks up a diverse menu ranging from seafood to Italian and American favorites. A newly constructed building gave the restaurant itself a new look, and our bistro aprons were a perfect fit for the Highland House aesthetic. 
The proprietors of Highland House opted for a customized apron design. We built their customized apron using American brushed canvas paired with logo embroidery. 
highland house crew apparel bistro custom aprons
Balboa Bay Resort of Newport Beach, California 
Balboa Bay Resort offers guests a choice of three waterfront restaurants. The Waterline Newport Beach offers “water-to-table” casual dining. The Anchors and Oceans (A & O) Kitchen and Bar “embraces antiquated and subtle ocean elements,” such as reclaimed barn wood and communal tables for a rustic atmosphere. This blend is a perfect oasis to enjoy your favorite coffee and pastries. 
When you visit the Balboa Resort, you will see executive chef Rachel Haggstrom and her team wearing the Stephany chef coat and the Hipster chef coat. Each of these items are made with water-repellent CrewTech fabric and include custom embroidery with the chef's name. They look awesome!!! 
Our Stephany chef coat is perfectly feminine, while the Hipster chef coat is one of our unisex chef jackets. Both are available as denim chef coats or in classic shades of white or black.
Balboa Resort Rachel Haggstrom in Crew Apparel Chef Coats
Lemonade, California 
California has become known for health-conscious, fresh, and local eating options, and Lemonade is leading the charge. Their affordable artisan meals include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. 
The culinary artists at Lemonade are wearing custom-made American brushed canvas bistro aprons in black. Lemonade can currently be enjoyed at eighteen locations across northern and southern California. 
All of our products are made in LA, so you can feel good about supporting local business. Order your own CrewTech chef jackets, denim chef coats, and any aprons to join the Crew Apparel #UniformRevolution today! And if you’re simply looking for that classic white apron, we have that, too - only it will be the best apron you have ever worn.

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