The CrewTech Difference



You work hard in life, you work hard in the kitchen, and you want something that works hard for you. So we created our version of technically advanced fabric for your high intensity lifestyle.

crewtech black noir apron

Meet CrewTech - a soft, 4 way stretch, moisture-wicking and water repellent fabric that was made specifically for workwear. Part of what makes our water resistant apron so effective is the repellent nature of the fibers it's made of. CrewTech repels the liquid on the surface with its hydrophobic weave that keeps the water from seeping between the threads of the fibers. Imagine having water repellent chef gear that won't get wet even when you're rinsing dishes or spill.

Hipster chef coat white

Hipster White Coat Tom George Chef

Whether you're looking for aprons or chef coats, we’ve got you covered. CrewTech chef gear is designed to be used as a chef apron or as a technical worker apron, as well as our signature Hipster and Stephany Chef Coat. It doesn't matter whether you're working in the kitchen or on a car, we have an apron that can make the job easier for you. 

alpine white crewtech apron

To learn more about our CrewTech fabric, click here.



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