Crew Apparel Aprons Win a Starring Role in Hollywood and LA

At Crew Apparel, we don't stop at being good, we want to be better than good and push ourselves to be more innovative in the uniform industry. We are lucky enough to meet many individuals and companies that share the same mentality with us. Welcome some of Crew Apparel's biggest fans - two unique culinary trendsetters from southern California. 

Rosaliné and "The Next Phase" 

chef Ricardo Zarate eaters rosaline crew apparel

photos: Amelinda B Lee

"The next phase of Peruvian dining" - that's what chef Ricardo Zarate calls his flagship restaurant, Rosaliné. The restaurant is named after Zarate's mother, and the connection to his roots don't end there. The menu offers dinner and Sunday brunch options that mirror traditional dishes of Peru, along with "street food" that has been "updated with a California sensibility." In other words, it's fresh, local, and healthy. 

rosaline restaurant hollywood

You'll find Rosaliné's West Hollywood staff decked out in Crew Apparel aprons and our signature chef tee. Rosaliné's uniforms are made of custom dyed CrewTech light fabric - engineered to be sweat wicking and quick drying - and screen printed with the restaurant's unique logo. 

crew apparel chef all day tee rosaline

"Hippos Are Dangerous Animals" 

So said two-time James Beard Award-winning chef Matt Molina, founder of Hippo in Los Angeles. The high-ceilinged, open-concept restaurant, which opened in 2018, serves a bit of everything - from oysters on the half shell and clam pasta to corndogs and steaks. 

hippo restaurant Highland park

Hippo - a play on the local "Highland Park Post Office" - also features a full bar, run by veteran bartender Clara Ward. Bar staff sport Crew Apparel's selvedge denim Tricolore Apron. Yes, this comfortable apron is made of the same stuff as your favorite pair of jeans, with the selvedge edge featured prominently on the front pocket. You'll find the rest of the staff utilizing the Maze Bistro Apron, also made of selvedge. 

hippo crew apparel maze bistro

crew apparel selvedge denim apron

Do want to join our #uniformrevolution? Crew Apparel's customization program allows you to do just that. Pick something from our catalog and make it your own with embroidery, screen printing, and color selections. Or, work with one of our designers to create a statement piece that is truly unique!

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