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The Best Chef Coat You Can Buy

The Best Chef Coat You Can Buy

Why you need a Hipster chef coat if your kitchen is as hot as hell.
"If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen." 

That quote is attributed to former U.S. President Harry S. Truman. However, if you've made a career of braving the kitchen's heat, don't get out of it - simply get a chef coat that can take the heat. 

rosaline los angeles crew apparel uniform

The problem with traditional chef coat. 

It's no joke - life in the kitchen is intense, and traditional chef apparel just doesn't cut it. Is your chef coat bulky, made of cheap poly/cotton twill fabric that wrinkles easily, holds on to odors and stains, and doesn't hold up to daily wear? Don't sweat it - and we mean that quite literally - because we've got a solution that will take your chef apparel to the next level. 

Imagine a chef coat that is build with technologically advanced fabric that allows you to move freely, keeps you dry and protects you from all the sauces and even coffee spills. 

Crewtech fabric water repellent chef uniform

The Solution 

Crew Apparel set out to design a comfortable chef coat that could withstand the heat of even the most hellish kitchen. Meet the Hipster Chef Coat, available in either black or white with contrasting trim. Crew Apparel's unique CrewTech performance fabric is sweat wicking, water repellent, and anti-microbial. 

Consider how our Hipster Chef Coat tackles the following problems: 
  • Uncomfortable chef apparel - our sport-inspired fabric is designed with 4-way stretch. What can 4-way stretch do for you? Whether you are reaching or bending, sitting or standing, your chef uniform will never stand in your way.
  • Lingering odors - this chef uniform is made from materials that are sweat wicking for all-day freshness and anti-microbial to combat lasting odors from perspiration or food.
  • A disheveled appearance - water repellent material resists spills and stains, while pockets keep your pens, spoons, cell phone, or other items organized and on hand. The convenient apron strap will always hold your apron in place.


hipster chef coat uniform black venting

crew apparel hipster white chef jacket water proof

Join Crew Apparel and the #uniformrevolution today when you order this modern chef coat, designed in the kitchen for the chef of today.

Crew Apparel Aprons Win a Starring Role in Hollywood and LA

At Crew Apparel, we don't stop at being good, we want to be better than good and push ourselves to be more innovative in the uniform industry. We are lucky enough to meet many individuals and companies that share the same mentality with us. Welcome some of Crew Apparel's biggest fans - two unique culinary trendsetters from southern California. 

Rosaliné and "The Next Phase" 

chef Ricardo Zarate eaters rosaline crew apparel

photos: Amelinda B Lee

"The next phase of Peruvian dining" - that's what chef Ricardo Zarate calls his flagship restaurant, Rosaliné. The restaurant is named after Zarate's mother, and the connection to his roots don't end there. The menu offers dinner and Sunday brunch options that mirror traditional dishes of Peru, along with "street food" that has been "updated with a California sensibility." In other words, it's fresh, local, and healthy. 

rosaline restaurant hollywood

You'll find Rosaliné's West Hollywood staff decked out in Crew Apparel aprons and our signature chef tee. Rosaliné's uniforms are made of custom dyed CrewTech light fabric - engineered to be sweat wicking and quick drying - and screen printed with the restaurant's unique logo. 

crew apparel chef all day tee rosaline

"Hippos Are Dangerous Animals" 

So said two-time James Beard Award-winning chef Matt Molina, founder of Hippo in Los Angeles. The high-ceilinged, open-concept restaurant, which opened in 2018, serves a bit of everything - from oysters on the half shell and clam pasta to corndogs and steaks. 

hippo restaurant Highland park

Hippo - a play on the local "Highland Park Post Office" - also features a full bar, run by veteran bartender Clara Ward. Bar staff sport Crew Apparel's selvedge denim Tricolore Apron. Yes, this comfortable apron is made of the same stuff as your favorite pair of jeans, with the selvedge edge featured prominently on the front pocket. You'll find the rest of the staff utilizing the Maze Bistro Apron, also made of selvedge. 

hippo crew apparel maze bistro

crew apparel selvedge denim apron

Do want to join our #uniformrevolution? Crew Apparel's customization program allows you to do just that. Pick something from our catalog and make it your own with embroidery, screen printing, and color selections. Or, work with one of our designers to create a statement piece that is truly unique!

Meet Silvia Barban, the Italian chef who's changing the landscape of Brooklyn.

Chef Silvia Barban, born and raised in Northern Italy, arrived in NYC nearly five years ago. What she's bringing with her is not only the rich expertise of Italian cuisine, but also a passion to elevate the already high standard food scene of NYC. Although it started as a temporary gig for Chelsea Market's Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina, it quickly turned into something more permanent. Now she co-owns and is the executive chef at one of the most popular and authentic Italian restaurants in Brooklyn, LaRina. Last year, Barban became a cooking inspiration amongst viewers and food lovers as a contestant on Top Chef Season 14, letting her heritage shine through in each meal she prepared. Her exit on the show might have came too early, but she's well on her way to building an impressive career, making her a winner in her own right.


silvia barban top Chef Crew Apparel

Why did you begin cooking? What sparked your interest?

As a child, I was so hyper that my grandma calmed me down with two things: wine and water (at the age of 6) or by making me help her with cooking. She was an amazing cook and the one that was keeping the family [together] through food. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was 9 with stomach cancer, and at that moment I realize that I would be the one who will keep the family together. I will be the one who will make people happy through food because that's what she taught me. So after many years, here I am still trying to make her proud of me.

How has moving to Brooklyn affected your cooking, or inspired you in any way?

Moving to Brooklyn was a long ride, but it influenced a lot in the way I think and cook. You know, like being able to go to the farmer's market and using seasonal produce. In Italy, I learned the base, and I keep those with me. Certainly here, my style of cooking changed a lot but I think also the fact to be challenged every day by many other restaurants is a big thing, where in Italy there is less competition. Also here you have to fight for good products meanwhile in Italy you forget sometimes how everything is so tasteful!

There are tons of male chefs in this industry, what advantage or disadvantage do you see in being a female chef?

Being a female chef is very challenging, it's always been like this in my life. Here in NYC is better but in Italy, I probably worked with just one female chef in all my experience. I mean we knew already that we are all the same level or maybe better [lol], but we need to fight for it anyway. To be put in the same level of work as other male chefs, or even more. In addition to that, when you are an immigrant female chef.

crew apparel silvia barban cooking
To add to that, being a chef makes for a tough life.  You start the day early and get out late, how do you keep yourself going?

You just keep focusing and never forget your goal! As a chef, you feel very competitive. So you never look back or feel satisfied, [you] always look for more, we are always hungry to have a new adventure, new dishes, new creations, new emotions. In the spare time, to recharge my self, being in the pasture and have fun with a glass of wine in my hands!

top chef silvia barban brook williamsons casey thompson

Creating a menu is probably one of the hardest parts, where do you get your cooking inspiration?

Indeed, I m doing this right now. Inspiration can start from a memory, emotion or even something that you are eating. Sometimes we struggle to have a new idea, and maybe wake up in the middle of the night with one [idea], or simply tying a beautiful product can be the start for a new item.

Being on top chef season 14 must a be a great experience, what did you learn from the show?

I learned a lot of things, but the most important was to believe in myself and keep fighting for what I love. I also think my way of cooing and seeing things changed as well being natural influences to the other chef and listening to their experiences.

Do you plan to go back to Bravo's Top Chef?

I would love to do it again!

What’s getting you excited lately?

Always food, but I also love traveling. I love to travel and find new places, different food, different air to breath.

If you HAD TO pick a meal from a fast food chain, what would it be and why?

I honestly don't go to eat fast food. The last time was probably Shake Shack a few years ago. I had this portobello mushroom burger that was delicious, but just because I had to! Actually, a chain back in Italy has this amazing sandwich with cold rustichella that just makes me hungry right now thinking about it.

From the Kitchen to the Gym, You Can Be a Healthy Chef

At Crew Apparel, we believe in hard work but we also believe in taking care of yourself. One of our biggest inspirations came from sports, hence we set on this journey to change traditional uniforms and combine active lifestyle and workwear together. You want to live a healthy lifestyle. You eat right, but you know that more is needed than just a healthy diet. How can you fit in a bit of exercise each day? 

Our team love doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT is an exercise style that involves short bursts of intense exercise punctuated by brief periods of rest. The best part is, you don't even have to hit the gym to get in an HIIT workout. All you need is a bit of open floorspace and comfortable clothing like our Crew Apparel All Day tee shirt. 

A typical workout might include sets of: 
  • Sit ups - Lie on your back with your knees bent and hands behind your head. While keeping your chin angled towards the sky, use your core to sit up until your elbows touch your knees. Lower back down to the ground and repeat. We recommend doing 30 rep per set, 2- 3 set
chef stuart o'keeffe all day chef tee shirt
  • Squat and Box Jump - Stand tall with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Squat down, keeping the weight in your heels, until you have reached the bottom of a squat. From here, jump straight up into the air as high as you can. Land softly onto the box on your toes and repeat. 15 rep per set, 2-3 set.
chef henley tee crew apparel
  • Pushups - Get into a standard plank position, with your arms slightly wider than your shoulders and your feet just a few inches apart. Slowly lower yourself down, getting as close to the ground as possible. From here, push back up through your chest and arms to starting position. Keep your core tight throughout the entire movement and fight the urge to allow your mid-section to either arch up or sag. 20 rep per set, hit at least 3 set.
crew apparel workout chef tee sweat wicking
  • Sprint - 100m sprint. Go as hard as you can. The goal is to keep the heart rate up and work on the explosiveness. 
crew apparel chef stuart o'keeffe foodnetwork

Remember to pause for 30 seconds to one minute of rest between each set. Make sure you drink plenty of water too.

Our love affair with Hinoki and the Bird

We know West Los Angeles can be pain in the butt to go to, especially during the rush hour. However, we found ourself to be in the area for many reasons, one of them would be for Hinoki & the Bird. This chic travel-inspired restaurant takes its cues from Japanese and Asian fusion cuisine, blending exotic flavors with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. 
hinoki and the bird interior chef gear crew apparel
Hinoki and the Bird was founded by David Myers and chef Kuniko Yagi. In 2015, however, they handed the reins to chef Brandon Kida. Kida is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and he served as opening executive chef at Clement at the Peninsula Hotel in New York. He is familiar with the farm-to-table journey of produce, and this knowledge drives his ever-changing Japanese inspired fare. 
chef brandon kida hinoki and the bird crew apparel aprons
When you stop in at Hinoki and the Bird, one thing you will notice besides the wood panels and gigantic side patio is, you'll find that they're part of a uniform revolution. From the kitchen to the wait staffs - Hinoki and the Bird is the first restaurant to outfit its entire team in our All Day Henley Chef Shirts
chef henley all day crew apparel hinoki and the bird
The All Day Henley tee is constructed with our light weight, sweat wicking CrewTech Lite performance fabric. Each chef tee is equipped with a convenient storage pocket on the 3/4 sleeve, and a back storage pocket for your phone. The sport inspired raglan seam will help with move-ability, whether you are at the gym or in the kitchen. The tee also equipped with apron straps at the back of collar to keep your apron comfortably in place. 
crew apparel crewtech fabric white bib apron henley tee
crew apparel chef henley hinoki and the bird
Are you looking for the perfect workwear to outfit your team? As you have seen, there are many options beyond the traditional chef jackets. The light weight, sweat wicking CrewTech lite performance fabric of our All Day Henley tee makes it a great option, both during and after work. We understand the importance of branding for your restaurants and cafes, so customization for any of our products, including bib aprons, bistro aprons, Hipster or Stephany, and All Day Tee. Customization for aprons includes the color of the garment and apron straps, screen printing, and embroidery. From chef shirts to aprons, Crew Apparel has your workwear needs covered.
customized embroidery chef uniform crew apparel